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Stylish & Affordable Homewares Our Top Picks From Target Australia

Ok so I don’t know about you but I've been having target homewares ads popup on my socials for weeks now and they have looked so damn good I just couldn't resist going to check them out.

In the past I hadn't really considered Target as a go to when i'm searching for beautiful homewares but having been there recently I can definitely say I will be running into store when they drop their next collection.

To say I was impressed is an understatement!

Gone are the days of walking in and finding only a few options of printed cotton quilt covers and less than desirable candles or lamps. Target have completely upped their game. They are up to date with current trends, colours and fabrics.

Many of the styling pieces were fantastic, I felt like a kid in a candy store with many of the items looking far more expensive than they actually were.

What I loved most was that they really seemed to be embracing the more natural elements:

  • Linens

  • Stonewashed cottons

  • Oak look furniture (although disappointingly most of this was already sold out)

  • Rattan and wicker decor and furniture

  • Ceramic vases/decorator pieces

  • Planters

I found so many items I even had to go grab a trolley to help me cart everything to the counter!

Our Top Homewares Picks -Target Australia:

Arlo Stonewash Quilt Cover Set ($49.00 - $89.00)

Definitely a fave of mine, Stonewashed Cotton is great in Summer or Winter and has that great organic look to it.

This Quilt Cover Set comes in a variety of colours and includes 2x standard pillowslips (You gotta love when the pillowslips are included aye)

Hema Rug - 160cm x 230cm ($159.00)

This rug is soo nice and textured and I was definitely not expecting to see anything like this when I walked past the rug section. This rug comes in 2 colours and is a blend of polyester, cotton and wool. Both colours are neutral and therefore would suit a great variety of homes. This was not the only nice rug in the Target collection either, be sure to check out the jute and diamond rugs.

Zalie Wicker Vase Small, Large ($15.00 - $20.00)

With rattan and wicker still as popular as ever these were always going be winners in my books. Great for adding some colour and texture to any room.

Apothecary Single Wood Wick Candle in Jar - Lemongrass & Ginger ($10.00)

I love the minimal look of this candle, it would ideally have been a bit larger but it is still a beautiful piece for styling. It comes in 2 scents, Lemongrass and Ginger and Green Tea.

Sakura Pleat Vase Small and Tall ($12.00 - $15.00)

Wow it was love at first sight since I seen these beautiful ceramics.

They have such pretty shapes and look like high end pieces, if I hadn't seen them in Target for myself I would have guessed they came from Zakkia or Ozdesign.

Gigi Washed Linen Cushion ($25.00)

These linen cushions are great for layering your room and are available in a variety of colours.

Use these cushions in your bedroom or your lounge room to soften the room and for added comfort.

Lilah Linen Quilt Cover Set ($129.00 - $149.00)

Ok so who doesn't love linen? Linens great for bedding because it's breathable and regulates temperature giving you a great night sleep.

Usually an expensive fabric but these quilt covers are a fraction of the price of ones I have purchased in the past. The price has no affect on looks though as they look absolutely amazing. The Lilah range come in a variety of colours and include the 2x standard pillowcases.

Mia Medium Planter Pot ($15.00)

This beautiful planter is a great addition to style your home, this colour is called peach but in real life is a much more neutral colour which will suit most homes.

Target have definitely proved that they have come to play when it comes to affordable homewares. Definitely worth getting into store and checking out if you're strapped for cash or even if you're not and you just love beautiful homewares.

Photo Credit - Target Australia