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Our Top 7 Prettiest Hand Soaps for Styling & Why We Love Them...

Updated: Mar 23

Theses days the right hand wash or soap is so much more than just a great way to wash your hands. With all the beautiful looking bottles and handmade soap bars out there who wouldn't want to have them on display for everyone to see? They are not only pretty but practical.

We have picked our favourite brands that we think you will love. Click across on our slideshows below to see different photos from each brand and read about the great things they are doing as a company.


Photo Credit: @saardehome

Saarde are a small family business in Sydney, Australia that design products to help you create a beautiful calm home. Now who doesn't want that?

They work with skilled artisans to ethically produce small batches of goods using natural materials and have a large focus on sustainability

Both their bars of soaps and their bottled products are beautiful to look at and add style to any bathroom

Prices range from $14.50 - $39.00 AUD. Saarde also stock other styling items for the home which are definitely worth checking out.


Photo Credit: @grownalchemist

Grown Alchemist formulates products which represent a new evolution in skincare by using scientifically innovative formulas that are capable of influencing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. Yes Please!!!

They are ticking all boxes as a brand with their products being organic, toxin free, cruelty free and Australian made.

They have a wide range of products and in my opinion are definitely one of the more high end looking brands we look at today. They range in price anywhere from $16.00 - $160.00 AUD.

Yes I know, they can be quite expensive but they sure look pretty if you can afford to splurge.


Photo Credit: @thankyouaus

Thankyou is a social enterprise set up to direct profits to fund water and health projects in the developing world. It was started to bring consumers a product choice that exists for one purpose; to help create a world where not one person lives in extreme poverty.

The Thankyou products are actually a fantastic choice for all people. They are affordable, they look great and are available at many convenient places including your local supermarkets, chemists etc.

Prices can be as low as $2.97 and as high as $16.99.

All Thankyou packaging and product inputs are responsibly sourced and they are also becoming 100% carbon neutral by offsetting their GHG emissions. So many things to love about this company.


Photo Credit: @lelabofragrances

Le Labo is an artisanal fragrance brand. Freshly blended signature fragrances, candles & personal care are freshly formulated, hand labeled and personalised which is what we just love.

They look so high end. Wouldn't some of these look great sitting in your bathroom?

The face, body and hair products are plant based cruelty free and vegan.

You can purchase Le Labo through their own stores (check website for store locations) or most Mecca's across Australia. The prices vary depending on what you are buying but can be anywhere from $24.00 - $111.00, be sure to check out their popular fragrances and candles too.


Photo Credit: @fazeek_home, @trestylist Fazeek is a contemporary fragrance, beauty and homewares brand from Melbourne, Australia.

Their candles, soaps and liquid products are all vegan, ethically sourced and cruelty free.

Fazeeks handmade soaps and hand poured terrazzo candles are practical statement pieces inspired by sleek architecture and interior design. They are definitely a quirkier option when it comes to styling and we just love the on trend styles and colours.

Fazeek believe in style and sustainability with each piece, scent and packaging painstakingly chosen to compliment their natural and sustainable practice.

Prices range from$16.00 - $50.00 for the soap/hand wash products.


Photo Credit: @hunter.lab

I just love the sleek black minimal look of these products. They have slight masculine feel to them but I think depending on what you style them with they can be styled for both men and women's spaces. They are so stylish and with prices ranging from $24.00 - $68.00 they look more expensive than they actually are.

Combining the traditional skincare experience with the high quality, scientifically formulated and environmentally sustainable expectation of today’s market, Hunter Lab provides skincare solutions for both men and women interested in healthy living. Made naturally in Melbourne, Australia, Hunter Lab does not use nasty synthetics that have a history of causing skin sensitivities, or worse, and does not test any product or ingredient on animals.


Photo Credit: @aesopskincare

Ok so last but definitely not least, Aesop. A cult favourite, Aesop was always been a fave when it comes to styling products for the home.

Aesop's interest in intelligent and sustainable design extends to every aspect of their workings.

Just as meticulous research is important to the formulation of each product, their beautiful utilitarian containers are created with utmost care to ensure they function with ease and are pleasing to our eyes. Aesop was founded in Melbourne, Australia, and vary greatly in price, ranging from $10.00 - $285.00.

Let us know what your personal favourites are and why?