• Abbey

Update Your Bedroom on a Budget with Target Australia

Updated: Jan 31

Ok so give yourselves a pat on the back, we made it through 2020! Hallelujah!!

Xmas & NewYears are done and dusted and i'm guessing everyones bank accounts are looking a little emptier than usual after all the presents, turkey and bottles of pinot.

It's meant to be that time of year we jet off overseas or down the coast to get away from it all but of course Covid has decided that maybe a whole year of being in lockdown wasn't enough and it's time to shut the borders again. (Cue the sad violin music)

It's hard to feel like you've been on holidays when you’re coming home to the same place you have been stuck in all year long.

Who's heard the saying “A change is as good as a holiday?”

Well seeing as we can't change our location, how about we change, Drumroll please...... Our Bedroom!!!!

Haha and before you say it, Yes! Obviously a trip to the Greek Islands or Hawaii is going to be a far better time than redecorating your room! I'm quite aware of that. But since it isn't a possibility right now, it could be the perfect time to give your room a makeover and feel like you've escaped to somewhere else for a little while.

So now for the other problem... the lack of funds in your account.

Now if you're anything like me then you would rather not even do a makeover if the end result was going to look cheap.

Enter Target..

I don't think it is worth spending any of your hard earned money on something unless its going to be beautiful.

Now if you seen our post Stylish & Affordable Homewares...Our Top Picks From Target Australia

You will know just how amazing and budget friendly Target is right now

I have put together 2 different bedroom looks using some of the amazing items I found at Target and I think you are going to love what we have created and just how affordable these homewares really are.

Look 1: To create this look i've used:

Lilah Linen Quilt Cover Set King - White ($139)

Arlo Stonewash Sheet Set Queen - White ($80)

Arlo Stonewash European Pillowcase - Khaki ($15)ea

Amaya Waffle Throw - Green ($49)

Gigi Washed Linen Cushion - Natural ($25)ea

Look 2: To create this look i've used:


Lilah Linen Quilt Cover Set King - White ($139.00)

Arlo Stonewash Sheet Set Queen - White ($80.00)

Lilah Linen European Pillowcase - White ($35.00)

Gigi Breakfast Linen Cushion ($25.00)

Mariana Fringed Cushion - Cashew ($15.00)

Zola PU Cushion - Tan $15.00)

Amaya Waffle Throw - Natural ($49.00)

Side Table:

Zalie Large Wicker Vase ($20.00)

Artemis Small Vase ($12.00)

Turtle Planter Pot (12.00)


  • To cut down costs you could swap the linen quilt cover for the Arlo Stonewash Quilt Cover Set King - White ($79.00) which is a bit cheaper but still beautiful.

  • You can also swap the linen European pillow slips with Arlo Stonewash European Pillowcase - White ($15.00)

  • I have purchased a King Quilt Cover/Quilt on a Queen bed because I like a bit more length in the quilt but you could always buy a queen quilt cover if you have a queen doona which is slightly cheaper.

  • Leaving off some styling cushions or using some you already have at home.

These are just 2 different looks i was able to create that not only look amazing but are very affordable so if your in need of a bedroom update get on into target and be inspired by our looks or create your own from all the beautiful homewares available.

Let me know if you've been decorating with Target homewares and what are your favourite pieces?