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5 Tips to Bring the Outside, Inside... Improve your Home, Health & Happiness

Updated: May 23

The outdoors has always naturally appealed to us with our bodies craving the outdoor elements. Being in nature makes us feel calmer, more refreshed and just makes us overall happier.

But even though we know this, the majority of us will still spend around 90% of our time indoors.

It's no coincidence that there are so many people struggling with mental and physical health issues.

So how do we fix this??

By incorporating natural elements into our buildings and interiors we aim to restore the connection between humans and nature. Below are 5 ways you can boost your exposure to nature and bring the outside into your home.

1. Let there be light

Blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces with natural light.

Lighting is such an important aspect of interior design for many reasons, it creates the overall mood and ambience of a room and enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Natural light also benefits both your physical and psychological health. It can reduce the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and various cancers as well as helping seasonal depression and improving sleep

When designing a space natural light can be increased a number of ways.

Skylights not only look amazing but can bring natural light to an area of the house that you couldn't get from a window.

Installing larger windows and doors like picture windows or bifold doors makes you feel like you're pretty much sitting outside. You can even go a step further and replace wall space with glass blocks.

More natural light can also be achieved through styling. Replace heavy drapery with lighter fabrics and or sheers or simply add more mirrors and shiny surfaces to the interiors to help reflect light around the room.

2. Use Natural & Organic Fibres, Textures & Materials

For me nothing beats the look and feel of using natural materials.

The warmth you feel underfoot walking on timber flooring, the natural unique patterns of a stone bench top or the crisp feeling of fresh linen sheets as you jump into bed.

There's a sense of luxury and beauty with them that you just don't get from man made products.

There are many ways to incorporate organic materials into your home. Things like Timber, Stone, Bamboo, Wicker, Rattan, Hemp, Jute, Linen, Cotton and Wool can all be used in furniture, flooring, bench tops & decor.

3. Use a Natural Colour Palette

Shades of green remind us of the earth, grass and plants. Then theres the neutral tones, whites, tans and beige’s make your interiors feel natural, and clean. Using a lighter colour palette on your walls, window coverings, bedding, furniture and decor will make the space feel overall lighter, brighter and larger, White walls also reflect the natural light entering the room, rather than absorbing it.

4. Decorate with Plants

The most obvious way of bringing the outside in is bringing plants into our living space.

There are so many options when it comes to using plants inside, Using a tall plant as a focal point or even to bring balance to a room or smaller plants to decorate a side table or bookcase.

Short on space, you could create an amazing vertical garden or use hanging plants.

Basically any plants are going to bring colour and texture which is pleasing to the eye but then there are the health benefits.

Plants can help reduce stress, fatigue and illness and will improve your air quality drastically by producing oxygen & absorbing toxins.

They also boost your mood, productivity, concentration and creativity.

5. Decorate with Elements found in Nature

When trying to bring the outside into your decor introduce things like shells, jars of sand, rocks, grasses, straw and wood. Just being surrounded by elements from nature has been known to have a calming effect, even from ones that mimic nature for example faux plants, wallpaper with palm trees and artwork with landscapes or beaches.

So if you're lacking the real thing at your home try adding these elements into your home with photographs or artwork or some faux greenery. You will be surprised how different it makes the space feel.

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